December 2018 Goals Review

  • Pay $2000 towards debt PASS! Yes, we did!
  • 20 No Spend Days PASS! I had to reset my phone but I’m pretty sure I got over 20 days
  • Put potential bonus towards RRSP so as not to be in the 36% tax bracket PASS! I got a $1000 bonus and put that my RRSP so I’d remain in the 30.5% tax bracket.

I’m actually quite surprised I got a bonus. It’s been a broken promise for so long but it’s better than nothing and kind of makes up for my paycut. I’m never forgetting about that.

November 2018 Goals Review

  • No unnecessary spending. I’m in austerity mode now. I’m so tempted to put my credit cards in the freezer. I’m aiming for 30 no spend days. Fail! But I had 20 no spend days which might be the highest I’ve ever had.
  • It’s a 3 paycheque month so that means I can put up to $4500 towards debt. That’s just my pay alone. PASS!

No Spend November was a semi-success if I’m to stretch the truth. I succumbed to several Black Friday sales unfortunately. I picked a bad month to try this and am going to try again for December.

October 2018 Goals Review

  • put $3000 towards our new debt of $7900. Doable since husband finally got a job in his field. FAIL! This hasn’t happened yet because my husband had to take his car in to get fixed.
  • 20 gym days PASS! Bang on 20 days!
  • 18 no spend days PASS! 21 no spend days
  • start using the Rosetta Stone to learn French and complete Level 1. PASS!

September 2018 Goals Review


  • pay off elopement debt Fail! Although husband finally got a job in his field and will be working a lot. This debt will be gone by the end of the year.
  • workout 20 times Fail! I only went to the gym 12 times last month. 12! I was sick for a week though.
  • 18 no spend days Fail! 14 no spend days.
  • no holds barred purging of crap I don’t need in my condo Semi-pass! It wasn’t exactly no holds barred purging but I did purge some stuff.
  • think of new, challenging goals for next month Still thinking…. haha!

August 2018 Goals Review

I can’t believe it’s the end of August already. I’ve been thinking about how fast time flies lately and want to cherish every moment. Having said that, the lingering debt we have from our elopement is bugging me. I need that gone ASAP.

  • pay off expenses from elopement FAIL! But I transferred it to a 1.99% credit card
  • 12 no spend days Pass! I had 14 no spend days
  • 18 days working out FAIL! Wasn’t expecting to fail this one. I worked several part-time job shifts and was feeling unwell towards the end of the month.
  • sell my BBQ. We have two and have no reason to keep two Sold! Yay!
  • make $250 from my part-time job FAIL! I had to cancel a shift because I felt a cold coming on.

May 2018 Goals Review

  • 21 no spend days Fail! I only had 13 no spend days. I didn’t even try to achieve this goal this month.
  • Work out 20 days Fail! So close! I worked out 19 days.
  • Fit into wedding dress better. I’ve been indulging in too much fried chicken. Pass! I’ve always fit in it but wanted it to fit better without having to do alterations.
  • Get accepted into health care program I applied to Fail! Literally got word 1 min after posting that I didn’t get in.
  • Bring down line of credit by $1500 Fail! I paid off a credit card that I used to book wedding stuff with
  • Stick to $180 budget for gas and restaurant Fail! Gas prices went up so it costs me more than ever to fill up plus it was my fiancé‘s birthday and we went out for a nice dinner. I’ll need to adjust this goal.

Man, that’s a lot of red. Oh well. Onto the next month. Next month will be exciting because we’re eloping!

April 2018 Goals Review

  • 24 no spend days Fail! This goal is always ambitious but I had 17 no spend days
  • Work out 20 days Fail! I worked out 17 days.
  • Ace health care program interview on April 1 I’ll hear back any day now. 
  • Apply for that job I’ve been eyeing up and receive an interview Pass!I haven’t heard back yet and doubt I will. I missed a couple calls. I don’t have voicemail. Oh well!
  • Bring down line of credit by $1500 Pass!
  • Stick to $250 budget for gas and my share of groceries Technical pass! I need to re-visit this since my fiance has been paying for groceries

March 2018 Goals Review

  • 24 no spend days Fail! I only had 16 no spend days
  • Work out 20 days Fail! I got sick again with a nagging cough and couldn’t work out for 2 weeks
  • File taxes Done!
  • Ace interview for health care program I’m interested in. Interview is April 1st. Will tell you more about this if I get into the program. Fingers crossed!

This was my February goal but I got a 5% pay raise after getting an 8% pay cut last year so… yay.

February 2018 Goals Review

  • Pay off CRA amount owing (~$1500) PASS! But now I owe them $815 for 2017 taxes
  • Start tackling line of credit debt (@ 6.7% interest) PASS!
  • Stick to Miscellaneous, Liquor and Grocery budget PASS!
  • Go to gym 20 times FAIL! I caught a cold and couldn’t work out for a few days
  • Not lose my shit at work FAIL! Not sure why I put this on here. Haha!
  • Negotiate at least 5% pay raise at my one year review under my boss’ private company (details here) MEH. Boss has been traveling so it’s been difficult to schedule meeting.

This wasn’t part of my goals for this month but I had 22 no spend days meaning no unnecessary spending such as buying a snack, wine, etc.


January 2018 Recap

January was an ok month for me. I managed to stay below my gas, grocery and restaurant budget. However, I went over budget in the wedding, miscellaneous and liquor budget. So much for dry January!

  • Miscellaneous crap I bought included a domain name for, windshield washer fluid, car wash, drain unclogger and an acupressure mat.
  • I had to spend $90 to top up my annual cell phone plan which I went into detail in my last post.
  • We bought my fiancé’s wedding band because it was on sale and put down 50% on our accommodation rental for when we get married



Debt balances as of January 31, 2018

I paid $1500 to my CRA debt leaving a balance of ~$1500. I’m soooo close to having that paid off!

The interest rate on my line of credit increased due to the increase in the prime rate.

I’m going to try and be more disciplined in February since it’s a shorter month.