Ah heck. I’m already failing at my 2019 Goals

  1. Clear off our $10,937 debt by May Hard nope! Not gonna happen.
  2. Contribute $1000/month into my RRSP I was contributing $825 but now have to cut it to zero until the debt is paid off
  3. Plan a trip to Eastern Canada This is part of our debt.
  4. Complete Dry January (so far, so good) Had a drink 17 days in. Oops.
  5. Keep our Grocery budget below $500/month I need to up this figure since it includes food for our rabbits

Our finances are one big clusterfuck right now with the husband in school. He missed qualifying for EI by 30 hours which leaves us to a single income: mine. It seems like I just have enough for our monthly expenses and not much leftover to pay down debt. It really sucks. I’m trying not to stress but I fucking hate debt. There’s a summer break for classes so we have applied for numerous jobs for him. He is starting a minimum wage job next week which will help with finances and he’ll leave it when a better opportunity better comes up.