2019 Goals

New Year’s Day has come and gone and I’ve procrastinated on this post. I don’t really have any personal resolutions for this year except to continue to eat healthy, exercise 5-6 times a week, be tidy a la KonMari and don’t be an asshole.

However, I do have some financial goals.

  1. Clear off our $10,937 debt by May
  2. Contribute $1000/month into my RRSP
  3. Plan a trip to Eastern Canada
  4. Complete Dry January (so far, so good)
  5. Keep our Grocery budget below $500/month

Blog goals:

  1. I’ve been sitting on a few draft posts that are very personal to me. I need to complete and publish them.

May is a pivotal month for us. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be debt free by May and then can FINALLY start hoarding money.

This new debt has really played with my emotions. After achieving personal debt free status last June, my husband dropped a bomb on me. His debt was now my debt but we’re working together on clearing this off ASAP. It’s a little more difficult now that his current job is running out of projects and he predicts he’ll be laid off by next month. His courses for his diploma also start this month. He’ll be on EI and as much part time as EI allows during this time. So yeah, that’s my next year. Do you have any goals for this year?

December 2018 Goals Review

  • Pay $2000 towards debt PASS! Yes, we did!
  • 20 No Spend Days PASS! I had to reset my phone but I’m pretty sure I got over 20 days
  • Put potential bonus towards RRSP so as not to be in the 36% tax bracket PASS! I got a $1000 bonus and put that my RRSP so I’d remain in the 30.5% tax bracket.

I’m actually quite surprised I got a bonus. It’s been a broken promise for so long but it’s better than nothing and kind of makes up for my paycut. I’m never forgetting about that.