December 2018 Goals

  • Pay $2000 towards debt
  • 20 No Spend Days
  • Put potential bonus towards RRSP so as not to be in the 36% tax bracket

I can’t believe it’s December already. I admit I have the winter blues. I’m using my SAD lamp and taking vitamin D but on some days, I’m just not feeling it. I get angry when I have to drive into work when traffic is bad due to snow and think about the money The Ex owed me which I have written off ($30K). I don’t want him in my life and he was taking forever to make payments but it would help in sending my husband back to school or we could take a honeymoon. Oh well. I know good ole karma is taking care of him right now.


November 2018 Goals Review

  • No unnecessary spending. I’m in austerity mode now. I’m so tempted to put my credit cards in the freezer. I’m aiming for 30 no spend days. Fail! But I had 20 no spend days which might be the highest I’ve ever had.
  • It’s a 3 paycheque month so that means I can put up to $4500 towards debt. That’s just my pay alone. PASS!

No Spend November was a semi-success if I’m to stretch the truth. I succumbed to several Black Friday sales unfortunately. I picked a bad month to try this and am going to try again for December.