November 2018 Goals

My main goal this month is to put a LARGE dent in the outstanding debt .

  • No unnecessary spending. I’m in austerity mode now. I’m so tempted to put my credit cards in the freezer. I’m aiming for 30 no spend days.
  • It’s a 3 paycheque month so that means I can put up to $4500 towards debt. That’s just my pay alone.

October 2018 Goals Review

  • put $3000 towards our new debt of $7900. Doable since husband finally got a job in his field. FAIL! This hasn’t happened yet because my husband had to take his car in to get fixed.
  • 20 gym days PASS! Bang on 20 days!
  • 18 no spend days PASS! 21 no spend days
  • start using the Rosetta Stone to learn French and complete Level 1. PASS!