October 2018 Goals

  • put $3000 towards our new debt of $7900. Doable since husband finally got a job in his field.
  • 20 gym days
  • 18 no spend days
  • start using the Rosetta Stone to learn French and complete Level 1.

September 2018 Goals Review


  • pay off elopement debt Fail! Although husband finally got a job in his field and will be working a lot. This debt will be gone by the end of the year.
  • workout 20 times Fail! I only went to the gym 12 times last month. 12! I was sick for a week though.
  • 18 no spend days Fail! 14 no spend days.
  • no holds barred purging of crap I don’t need in my condo Semi-pass! It wasn’t exactly no holds barred purging but I did purge some stuff.
  • think of new, challenging goals for next month Still thinking…. haha!