June 2018 Goals Review

  • Pay off remaining consumer debt and finally be debt free! Pass!
  • Workout 20 times Fail! I worked out 16 times
  • 15 no spend days Fail! I had 12 no spend days but I did get married last week so was extra spendy
  • Contact my mortgage broker to renew mortgage. I can’t wait for this because my credit score is finally decent! Pass! My mortgage was approved and I have to set up an appointment to sign my mortgage commitment
  • Figure out how much to allocate towards RRSP and savings. I have no fucking clue what to do with this extra money I’ll be saving every month. Do I aim for early retirement or aggressively save for a house down payment? Or balance both? Pass! I settled on $500/month for RRSP and will hold the extra cash to “feel rich” then dump it into RRSPs whenever I see fit

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