February 2018 Goals Review

  • Pay off CRA amount owing (~$1500) PASS! But now I owe them $815 for 2017 taxes
  • Start tackling line of credit debt (@ 6.7% interest) PASS!
  • Stick to Miscellaneous, Liquor and Grocery budget PASS!
  • Go to gym 20 times FAIL! I caught a cold and couldn’t work out for a few days
  • Not lose my shit at work FAIL! Not sure why I put this on here. Haha!
  • Negotiate at least 5% pay raise at my one year review under my boss’ private company (details here) MEH. Boss has been traveling so it’s been difficult to schedule meeting.

This wasn’t part of my goals for this month but I had 22 no spend days meaning no unnecessary spending such as buying a snack, wine, etc.



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