One year of no cell phone data. Over $840 saved. I survived!

My cell phone contract expired last January. I decided I didn’t want to pay for a over $80/month for a contract anymore so I shopped around. I was with Rogers when my contract expired and found a Pay As You Go plan that had everything I wanted. It had unlimited evening and weekend calling, 100 minutes of daytime calling and unlimited texting. This was all for $120/year. It has since changed to $180/year with 50 minutes of daytime calling but it’s still cheaper than having a monthly contract. I hardly called anyone so call time wasn’t a big deal to me. I normally just text them to arrange a time when I can meet up in person with them. The only drawback was that there was no data on this annual Pay As You Go plan.

How would I ever survive? I figured I have WiFi at home and work. If I’m out and about, I can always connect to free WiFi via open networks or by heading to McDonald’s, Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I’m happy to say I survived the year! It was much easier than anticipated. If I had to drive somewhere unfamiliar, I would Google Map the directions at home and take a screenshot of the map.

One con was the inability to receive pictures over text messaging. I’d see my phone trying to download something and tell the sender to re-send it to me via Whatsapp. I also couldn’t participate in group text messages but I didn’t mind that. Someone would eventually tell me what everyone decided on. It saved me from reading tons of messages.

Now that my Pay As You Go plan is expiring, I’ve decided to renew it for the next year. Yes, the price has gone up but I will still save a shit ton of money compared to having a monthly contract. It feels nice knowing I am free from the chains that are cell phone contracts. I cringe when I hear how much people pay for their cell phone plans. It’s particularly bad here in Canada. What works for me may not necessarily work for others but I’m sure glad it does!



  1. MrsC · January 21, 2018

    Very helpful post. Thank you

    • unfuckmymoney · January 23, 2018

      You’re welcome!

  2. · January 27, 2018

    This is Great! I have d away with my cell phone and we had a small cable package installed with internet and a home phone. I am a stay at home housewife and home most days. The cell was 40 a month and I did not see the sense in keeping it! Good for you. Contracts are outrageous!

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