January 2018 Recap

January was an ok month for me. I managed to stay below my gas, grocery and restaurant budget. However, I went over budget in the wedding, miscellaneous and liquor budget. So much for dry January!

  • Miscellaneous crap I bought included a domain name for unfuckmymoney.com, windshield washer fluid, car wash, drain unclogger and an acupressure mat.
  • I had to spend $90 to top up my annual cell phone plan which I went into detail in my last post.
  • We bought my fiancé’s wedding band because it was on sale and put down 50% on our accommodation rental for when we get married



Debt balances as of January 31, 2018

I paid $1500 to my CRA debt leaving a balance of ~$1500. I’m soooo close to having that paid off!

The interest rate on my line of credit increased due to the increase in the prime rate.

I’m going to try and be more disciplined in February since it’s a shorter month.

One year of no cell phone data. Over $840 saved. I survived!

My cell phone contract expired last January. I decided I didn’t want to pay for a over $80/month for a contract anymore so I shopped around. I was with Rogers when my contract expired and found a Pay As You Go plan that had everything I wanted. It had unlimited evening and weekend calling, 100 minutes of daytime calling and unlimited texting. This was all for $120/year. It has since changed to $180/year with 50 minutes of daytime calling but it’s still cheaper than having a monthly contract. I hardly called anyone so call time wasn’t a big deal to me. I normally just text them to arrange a time when I can meet up in person with them. The only drawback was that there was no data on this annual Pay As You Go plan.

How would I ever survive? I figured I have WiFi at home and work. If I’m out and about, I can always connect to free WiFi via open networks or by heading to McDonald’s, Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I’m happy to say I survived the year! It was much easier than anticipated. If I had to drive somewhere unfamiliar, I would Google Map the directions at home and take a screenshot of the map.

One con was the inability to receive pictures over text messaging. I’d see my phone trying to download something and tell the sender to re-send it to me via Whatsapp. I also couldn’t participate in group text messages but I didn’t mind that. Someone would eventually tell me what everyone decided on. It saved me from reading tons of messages.

Now that my Pay As You Go plan is expiring, I’ve decided to renew it for the next year. Yes, the price has gone up but I will still save a shit ton of money compared to having a monthly contract. It feels nice knowing I am free from the chains that are cell phone contracts. I cringe when I hear how much people pay for their cell phone plans. It’s particularly bad here in Canada. What works for me may not necessarily work for others but I’m sure glad it does!

I donated my eggs for USD$6,000 in order to pay down debt

In 2015, I donated my eggs in exchange for USD$6,000 for my time. I know it’s an extreme way to make money to pay off debt. I had split up with The Ex the previous year. I never considered having children with him. I guess deep down I knew he’d make a terrible father and it was be a huge mistake. I knew I wanted my DNA to live on somehow. I probably would have done it for free to be honest.

Donating eggs or sperm is illegal in Canada but there is a loophole. We can be reimbursed for our time and not directly for our eggs or sperm. I found a reputable company that offered this service. It was like a matchmaking service for donors and Intended Parents (IPs). I filled out their thorough questionnaire and soon was posted on their website for  IPs. Several IPs were interested in me. I knew I had a unique look as an Asian person as many people have told me.

Soon, I was matched with IPs from Western Canada. I signed legal documents and received a benefit package stating how much I would be reimbursed for my time. I would be paid USD$6,000 in addition to an all expenses paid trip to Toronto where my eggs would be retrieved. Going through the injections and check-ups was easy. Hell, even the egg retrieval was easy. I was one of the lucky ones. There are huge risks to putting your body through that. Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) is one of them. If you’re curious, you can Google the whole egg donation process. I’m not here to tell you how to do it or suggest it’s an easy way to make money to pay your debt.

When all was said and done, I received about $8,000 Canadian after the exchange rate. I was actually happy our dollar was so crappy for once. I dumped the whole amount onto my massive debt.

I have a new found respect for couples that go through IVF. The IPs were interested in another donation from me to provide a sibling but the surrogate went into premature labour. The IPs decided not to go forward with another donation from me and wanted to focus on their baby instead.

My parents don’t know I did this. My fiancé  (at time of writing) doesn’t know I did this. Only three people close to me know. I truly have no regrets and would gladly do it again. I am 34 years old now. I don’t know whether I’ll be successful in getting pregnant with my fiancé in the future. I am aware of the fact that time and age is playing against me. I often wonder how the little boy is doing and if I ever saw him on the street, would I know? I have no doubt he is loved unconditionally by his parents that so desperately wanted him and that makes me happy.