Where the money stands

I work in the STEM field. I’ve been at my current position for 9 years. I was making ~$76K/year but recently took a pay cut when I transferred to my boss’ private company. Pension matching of 12% also went out the window. I now make $70K/year and net $3,953/month.

I have:
$59,719 in my pension
$7,500 in RRSPs (Questrade)
$1,500 in TFSA (Questrade).

I owe:
$4,442 to the CRA
$32,255 to consumer debt
$41,750 to my family

Monthly expenses:
Property tax $153.07
Mortgage $994
Condo fee $364.27
Condo power ~$42
Pet insurance $25.83
Car/home insurance $142.92
Gym $50.40
Internet $52.94
Parking (work) $50
Gas (car) $80
Groceries $200
Debt repayment $1,635

My debt repayment will be even faster now that my fiancé has moved in with me. He will be paying me ~$900/month for “rent”. This will get some taking used to. I’ve never had a partner pull their own financial weight before.

My mortgage is up for renewal in August 2018. I have suspended RRSP and TFSA contributions until then to pay down debt as much as I can.

I look at my balances every day. I admit I obsess over them. I know where every dollar goes. I anticipate the day where I will be debt free.




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